Entry #1


2013-02-03 15:25:39 by EllaSaurus

So, Newgrounds. I'm new here, so I'm gonna be writing a news post welcoming myself, I guess.

My name is Ella, and I'm mainly going to be using Newgrounds to upload my more "serious" artwork (the stuff that I actually spend time and effort on rather than the doodles and sketches I upload to my Tumblr blog) and appreciate the creations of others.

That's really all I've gotta say, so I'll see everyone when I finally get around to uploading something.


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2013-02-03 15:47:50

Welcome, Ella :) Be sure to stop by the art forum to meet other artists and join in on activites and contest!! Have fun! :)

EllaSaurus responds:

Thank you! And I definitely will! <3


2013-02-04 03:42:07

Welcome to Newgrounds Ella you might want to be careful not to get lost with the creepy stuff going on around in the flash portal.
Anyhow i guess if you like making art you could help me out, i got some idea that might be nice to try.
Good luck on your career !

(Updated ) EllaSaurus responds:

Thanks! :)

And what did you have in mind? I might be able to help with your idea if I have the time to do it. :o